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Complete Spell of Courage ~ Conquer All Fears Release Your Inner Lion



Blujay’s Haunted Magick is proud to bring you another powerful and highly useful spell. Today we bring you the Complete Spell of Courage!


The spell itself is simple but packs a powerful punch. What this spell does is works to remove any fear that holds you back in life. While doing this, it also promotes confidence and boosts courage. With the aid of this spell, you will become a fearless and confident individual who can achieve anything!


Some examples of how this spell can help you include, but are not limited to:

Giving you the confidence to pursue a potential lover

Blessing you with the courage to approach a boss or superior at work about raises or other career advancement

Giving you the confidence & resolve to purse your dreams

Helping you gain the courage to call someone on their misdeeds

Aiding you in overcoming hindering fears that prevent you from trying new and exciting things

Helping you overcome social fears

Promoting bravery in most areas of life

Giving you strength to face any problem

Among many other things!


This spell adapts to your needs and will change with you as you overcome different obstacles. This spell does not remove fears that are potentially life-saving. For example, this spell will not remove your fear of jumping off of a building or breaking the law. It is a tool to help you achieve your goals and live a happier lifestyle!

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