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Samhain 2021 Casting - Complete Protection Spell - Blocks and Banishes Evil! Clear Path For A Happy Life

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Today I offer one of our most popular protection spells from last years Samhain castings...We cast this spell on the most powerful night of the year to offer it to one person this Samhain season...Our magick mixed with Samhain magick make this one of most powerful protection amulets ever!

Today I offer you a vast protection spell that is referred to as the shield spell. This is our best and most powerful evil begone spell for anyone's personal protection!


This pendant protects you from every evil force known to man and even what is not known to man! 


Merely walking down the street can expose you to negative energy or even attract evil entities. The wearer of this pendant will no longer have to worry about bringing negative or evil home with them. This spell can on be found on our website,


What can happen when you are no longer exposed to negative or evil? You will wake up each day with more energy, feeling better and wanting to do more. You will become sharper, more witty and have better concentration. You will find you are less stressed, anxiety is eased or erased and you will smile more. You will be blessed with better moods, a better outlook and a better day.


This can also be hung outside your door of your home. Any evil or negativity that tries to pass it will be stopped and banished.

We cast this spell on nicely made pendant is adorned with small sparkling stones.

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