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Complete Protection From Psychic Attacks, Mind Control and Energy Drainers!


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These are newly cast and will protect you from the very first day!

Today we offer our full coven 3X Cast Protection Spell. This spell is vital and is a must have for those who keep spirits or have enemies.

This spell was cast with two purposes...One is to protect you from any form of magick, person, spirit or entity that would drain or feed off your energy. If you often feel sleepy, lack concentration or just have a no energy type of feeling then someone or something may be living off your life force. That will instantly stop the moment you wear this bracelet!

The second purpose of this spell is to protect you from any kind of psychic attack. Psychic attacks can be caused by evil spirits or enemies. You may have nightmares, uncontrollable thoughts or obsessions.

Once this spell blocks and halts these life hindering issues it will start repairing any damage done. What it can or may need to repair is your sleeping, your aura or even collect small parts of your soul that may have been lost. It will also restore a natural thought process, increase relaxation abilities as well as get your energy back to where it should be. 

This is a life long spell. It does not fade or weaken over time. This is the lowest price we will ever offer this spell...Don't wait!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

We cast this spell on simple yet nice stone chip stretch bracelets. These are lightweight, easy to wear, easy to carry and come in an array of colors. Our Supply is limited. I will choose your color of bracelet. If there is a color you prefer please let me know. If I have it I will send it. If I do not have it I will send one as close to it as I can.

Thank you for looking!