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Commander Warrior Archangel - One Of Our Longest Serving Protections - Commands Over 800 Warriors!


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Today we offer one of our longest serving Commander Warrior Archangel...For over 35 years he and his court have watch over us, our homes, our familiars, and have been the perfect altar guardian.

He commands a large court of both male and female Warrior Archangels...His court is over 800 and will continue to grow.

In true he is 6'10" tall, muscular, has wavy white hair, blue eyes,  white wings wings, and appears to be in his eatly-20s This race normally does not interact with their keeper. They prefer to devote all their energy towards their keeper's safety...However will interact more then most but only when all is safe.

He will instantly start protecting, shielding, and banishing...

About the Warrior Archangel...

They offer a quick curse removal...They can even remove generational curses.

He is a banisher of evil and can banish any level evil, bind enemies, banish evil unbounds and perform protection blessings for blood family members.

He is able to deal justice to those deserving of it...He will not harm or even hinder a innocent person or animal.

He can be a home guardians or travel with their keeper to provide protection. 

He communicates through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, lucid dreams, and meditation. .

If you have any questions please email me.

His current vessel is a small quartz pendant with a silver colored cap.

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