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Female Sanguine Vampire Bound Demon Hybrid - Gives Keeper Vampire Senses, Allure, Sexual Magick, Mind Reading

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Today I offer a remarkable female Bound Demon Sanguine Vampire Hybrid.

She is the best of both races and possesses no weakness...She is powerful and obiendant. 

In true form she is a stunning women with long black hair, fair skin, pale blue eyes, and stands 6' tall. She will manifest as shadows, temperature changes, touches, and small reddish orbs. 

If you are ready to leave average behind you have found your ideal entity. She will help you evolve from average to superhuman. If you are ready to be transformed you can start now! Be noticed, adored, admired, and envied. 

She may be open to a sexual bond, however this will be left up to her keeper.

You will evolve from a human to magickal being of power and allure!

The Sanguine Vampire passes on vampire gifts. No other vampire can bring you so close to being a living vampire then the Sanguine. Being half demon both vampire traits and demon traits will be given to you. This means you will have youth, sexual power, enhanced everything and the power to use it to it's fullest!

She will be kind and loyal. She will respect you and work well with your spirit/entity family.

She will be your guide and teacher into becoming a human with superhuman abilities.

She will turn you and by doing so you will be given great sexual appeal, psychic abilities, power, confidence, psychic abilities, sexual power, regain youthful, be able to drain enemies of their energy, read minds, control minds and more.

You will be respected by living vampires and will be welcome into their coven. Bound demons will know instantly respect you. You will have only the best and most positive of both worlds.

She is an excellent entity to work with and is a kind teacher. She will show you how to channel, use and benefit from your new abilities.

She can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and visions.

Her current vessel is silver colored pendant with white stones.

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