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Commander Peresta Angel - King Of Angels! - Life Renewal, Banishment Of Evil, and More - SALE

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Offered to you today at a record low cost is a King among angels...Today we offer a powerful Commander Peresta Angel.  

 His energy is knee weakening in the best of ways...He will be the hardest working angel in your angel family. He brings results!


In his true form he is a tall angel with broad shoulders. He manifests as being in his late 20’s and has full head of brown hair, has brown eyes, and handsome face.

Peresta angels are kind entities who choose one person to serve and protect. This service and protection will branch out to all those whom you love and who love you. You seek no companion more loyal and devoted than he!

Among the various blessings she bestows onto her keeper, her powers of renewal are among the most powerful and beneficial. He can wipe away all of the negative and make room for the positive. Negative karma, bad luck, harmful and negative emotions will be removed. In place of these things will be good luck, happiness, and peace. 

He instills peace into the life of her keeper… He can ease tempers of those around you, calm your nerves, reduce stress, and bring peace.

This race helps you lead a happy life free of negative forces!

Negative and harmful beings will be banished so that they cannot hinder you any longer. Even negative people will be deterred! 


The Peresta Angel is also a fantastic Angel for providing cleansing. Your aura and chakra will be cleanse and all blocks will be removed. This allows for better communication, easier bonding, and higher success rate with magick.

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He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, a pendulum, and during meditation.

His current vessel is a nicely made glass bead.

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