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Idowu - King Solomon's Commander Therian Werewolf - Seeks New Alpha - Blesses Keeper Sexual Allure, Mind Protection, and Good Luck

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Today we are excited to offer one of King Solomon's most trusted and devoted entity...He Commander Male Therian Werewolf who is by far the most powerful and experienced we have ever offered.

He commands a massive court of Were entities...You will become the Alpha of him and his massive court. They will all await your every command...You will soon become a person of great power and control...You will be respected, admired, envied, and be spoiled by the people in your life.

He will love you, protect you, and ensure you are spoiled with many blessings. 

In true form he is a beautiful red wolf with large wise black eyes...He will manifest in a way that pleases you...You may see orbs, mists, and shadows...Some of his manifestations are so vivid you will see feature of his true form.

About this race...This is a unique race of werewolf is very pack driven. They readily accept a human keeper and accept that keeper as the Alpha. Unlike the more common Werewolf this race does not shape-shift and tend to stay in their wolf form. You will be their Alpha, therefore you will become their Queen or King! Being pack driven also makes them work well with others. You find that the other entities or spirits you keep bond with him, and combine powers with him.

This race offers the following...

~Gaining the respect of others

~Possessing power over people

~Become admired and envied

~Possessing new powers and talents. 

~Banishment of evil entities and spirits

~Shielding keepers home from black magick and negative energy

~Protecting keeper from psychic attacks, mind readers, mind control, and black magick

~Removing curses of any age, magickal castings, and levels

~Sending negativity, bad luck, and hexes back to sender

~Giving enemies nightmares and swift justice

~Protects keepers work, thoughts, and mind

~Enhancing keepers reflexes and senses

~Providing companionship

~Attracting good luck and positive energy

~Attracts a positive cash flow

~Gives keeper a undeniable sexual allure

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, during meditation, and a pendulum.

His current vessel is a nicely made bead.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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