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Commander Hellcat - Newly Conjured Female Commands Living Court With Werekittens!


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Today we offer a female Commander Hellcat from a recent conjure...We conjured her just for our site...We also conjured her to set the standards for this race. She proved herself and her magick in record time!

She commands over 300 Hellcats...Since this is a living court and will have births this number will grow...There will be hellkittens! 

She will be loyal and one of the hardest workers you have ever been blessed by.

In true form she is a dark gray cat with large yellow eyes. Her keeper will most often see her as bright lights, small cat shaped moving shadows, and feel warm spots brush up against them..

Her keeper can expect…

Animal like reflexes

Enhanced senses

Can communicate with the Dead,

Have excellent telepath abilities.


A natural sexual allure

Make new friends

Have good luck

Removal of life blocks

Possess empath abilities


Age reversal.

She can also cast spells on behalf of her keeper.

She can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, a pendulum, dreams, and during meditation.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Her current vessel is a nicely made ring that is a size 7 1/2. It holds a orange Cat's Eye Stone.

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