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Female Sterling Angel - Find New Friends Love Popularity and Meet Powerful People

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Today I offer a kind female Sterling Angel of extraordinary magick...

Her any ideal keeper is anyone who seeks love, friends, marriage, commitment, and all around life happiness!

In true form she is a lovely angel who looks to be in her early 30s, has knee length silver hair, pale blue eyes, and fair skin. She will manifest as positive energy, silver orbs, and the scent of lavender. 

About the Sterling Angel…This race of angel is perfect the keeper who enjoys having fun with the spirits they keep. The Sterling Angel is an easy going, loving angel who knows how to create happiness in their keeper’s life.

If you are a nervous or stressed out person who can help you relax. If you worry constantly she will work nonstop to ease worries. He can put a shield around you that can help keep stress out and positivity in.

She is a great protector from both evil entities and evil spirits. She is ready to take on anything that wishes to destroy your safety and happiness. She is very experienced in protecting and banishing. She never lets anything get by her.

She can boost your social life as well. He can help you become the life of the party. People will be drawn to you, look up to you and some will go out of their way to become one of your closest friends.

She is the angel of fun and excitement. He will uplift you and bring you to place of life happiness and pure peace.

She can communicates by telepathy, emotions, pendulum, dreams, and through meditation. 

If you have any questions please email me.

Her current vessel is a glass bead.

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