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Cockatrice - Active and Devoted Guardian Offers Perfect and No Fail Protection

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Today we offer a Cockatrice who offered from a newer conjuring...Not only is he a wonderful Warrior he is also a very sweet, uplifting companion. 

In his true form, he appears as a large shimmering dark colored dragon with large wings. He will most often manifest as moving shadows and white to silver lights or temperature changes.

His main abilities include but are not limited to:

~Providing protect to his keeper and keeper’s family

~Warding off evil

~Delivering psychic attacks against keeper’s enemies

~Warning keeper of impending danger

~Halting danger

~Protecting keeper's home, family, and spirit family.

His best forms of communication are visions, telepathy, emotions, a pendulum, visions, and during meditation. 

His current vessel is a nicely made bead.

Please email me if you have any questions. 

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