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Clerie's VooDoo Spell of Ayida-Wedo - Goddess Loa Creation Spell Leads to Life of Happiness & Success - With Sabine Blessings!


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Offered to you today is an exceptional spell of wealth and success created with the most powerful VooDoo magick. Today you are offered the Ayida-Wedo spell! This is offered by Clerie. Normally these are cast only by Clerie but this paticular casting has added magickal blessing and amplifying magick by Queen Sabine!

Ayida-Wedo is the VooDoo Goddess (Loa) and one of the most respected as she is a creator spirit. She helped oversee all of creation and is often called upon by her followers when they wish to start to a new path in life. This spell was created with her aid and is infused with her energy. 

If you have been seeking something magickal to give you something new in life you have found the spell to do so!

Here are a few of the numerous things that this spell can do for you…

Help you make positive change

Aid in self discovery 

Attract wealth

Bring success

Promote opportunity 

Uplift happiness 

Remove negative feelings

Promote peace

Bring stability

Promote honesty in those around you

And more!

This spell is cast on a lovely silver colored pendant with a rose quartz stone. 

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