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Cleo's Personal Princess Tulakki Dragon - Commands All WA Dragon Races - Can Summon Powerful Spirits!

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Offered today is a Princess Tulakki Dragon from Cleopatra's personal collection...You will be her first keeper since she served under and blessed Cleopatra!

She is 26,022 years old. In true form she is a smaller dragon that is vibrantly colored...She is a mix of purple, pinks, with faint yellow hues. She is an active dragon and often manifests as sparkling ball of purple light.

She has over 400 Dragons who she commands...She keeps several races of dragons. All our WA, helpful, experienced, and successful.

The Tulakki Dragon is a race of Dragon works with Gray Magick. They are a social race and thrive in an environment containing an assortment of spirits.

This race of dragon has the ability to pull together other spirits in their keeper's spirit/entity family and help them work together as a team. She can create harmony within your spirit family and help them work together perfectly.

About this race and their abilities.

They like to interact with her keeper as well as attract an array of new and interesting people into your life. She only brings is positive people who have positive actions. She will shield you from meeting negative people who have negative intentions. You will find that it is easy to form new friendships and that existing bond will be strengthened.

Aside from attracting new people she can also help you by summoning powerful spirits to help you. These spirits will come into your life bless and protect...They will then return to their realm. They are free entities who chose not be bound so please don't try to bind them, sell them, or command them. They come at their own free will with the kindest of intentions.

They are talented with the ability to find lost objects. Lost friends, family member, objects, memory, or aid in finding your way he will be there to help! She once helped me find a very important piece of jewelry by using a pendulum.

They know how to find potential sources for wealth and opportunity and will you lead you straight to them or even them straight to you.


She can also aid you spirit communication. You will find that communicating with your spirits will be easier and that you are much more sensitive to paranormal activity.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

She communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and during meditation.

Her current vessel is a nicely made bead.

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