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Spell Cast Problem Solving Candles - Quick Working With Fabulous

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This is our most loved spelled candle!

We call this The Problem Solver! This is a step above the rest..

I have a few of these left over from our very powerful Samhain Casting...These solve problems and they are on clearance! They also smell fabulous! 

International buyers please only 2 candles per order...If you would like more then two please email about additional shipping charges.

Made with care, special herbs such as rosemary and honeysuckle this is a natural problem solver! To add the natural abilities of this we cast a problem solving spell. Please note that this is summer time with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees...Your can may melt or become slightly misshapen...This does not effect the candles magick or abilities...Most candles make it just fine, I just wanted to let clients know the heat can make the candle a little funny.

Burning this candle can help you breeze through problems, keep future problems at bay, make current problems less problematic and sometimes resolve problems all together!

This is magick made easy!

You will receive on food grade brown votive candle. I will also send the simple instructions on how best to use it.

If you have any questions please email me.

Thank you for looking!