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Chinese Zodiac Spell ~ Gain Traits of Other Signs!



Each of us is born to a certain year and therefore to a sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The year in which we are born can determine what qualities and traits we possess. But if you ever wished to have the qualities that come with another zodiac, you are in luck! Today my coven and I are offering you the choice to gain a pendant infused the traits of another zodiac!


You can choose from Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig or all of them! These spells not only help you attain the qualities of other members of the zodiac, but it can help you overcome the weaknesses of each!


Traits the Rat is associated with….

Intelligence, resourcefulness, adaptability, positive attitudes, wisdom, increased ability to learn, creativity, observation, deeper thinking and others. This spell will help you develop all of these traits and overcome the following: shyness, stubbornness, and selfishness.


Traits of the Ox…

This spell can help you develop these traits of the Ox: honesty, patience, strong will, persistence, motivation, calmness, good communication and more.

This spell can also help you combat emotional distance, stubbornness, lack of charm, and lack of adaptability.



With the spell of the Tiger, you can develop leadership, inner strength, confidence, passion, courage, intelligence, virtue and others.

Weaknesses that this spell can help to mend include but are not limited to a short temper, haste in making judgments, possessiveness, self-centeredness, and aggression.



The Spell of the Rabbit helps its wearer become friendlier, gain compassion, creativity, kindness, develop intuition, and other qualities.

Rabbit spells can help their wearers remedy weaknesses such as self-indulgence, being judgmental, fear of taking risks, and help you see the good in situations.



Those born under the year of the Dragon are ambitious and intelligent. The wearer of this spell can develop traits such as determination, passion, enthusiasm, and other traits of the Dragon.

The Dragon spell can also help overcome the downfalls of the Dragon such as aggression and quick temper, ruthlessness, stubbornness, and others.  




People born in the year of the snake are excellent at decision making, deep thinking, they are intelligent, hardworking, skilled at communicating, are fun loving, and are driven towards success. The spell will help its wearer develop all of these qualities and more.

This spell can also help you overcome stress, pessimism, exaggeration, anger, and distrust.



Success, multi-tasking, humor, good-nature, cheerfulness, friends, confidence, determination, problem solving and other traits are what is associated with the horse. This spell can help you develop these traits.

Impatience, hot temper, and insomnia are the negative traits associated with this sign. This spell can also help you overcome these.



Good luck, fashion sense, endurance, romance, intelligence, mercy, and a hard working nature are just a few of the traits that the Spell of the Ram can help you gain.

Pessimism, critical nature, shyness, insecurity and discouragement can be removed with this spell.



The monkey is a sociable sign that is likeable, attracts friends with ease, faithful, inventive, and charming.

Weaknesses of this sign include being overemotional, distrustful, accidentally hurting others feelings, and overcomplicating things.



Roosters are strong, loyal, hardworking, courageous, resourceful, observant, creative, and charming.

Weaknesses of this sign include being self-involved, skeptical, and intolerant.



People born in the year of the Dog are faithful, devoted, intelligent, honorable and courageous.

Weaknesses of this sign are being defensive, having difficulty to adapt, distrustful and narrowmindedness.



A supportive nature, loyalty, trustworthiness, sensual nature, outgoing personalities, and friendship are traits associated with this sign.

Weaknesses include being pessimistic, being too easy to be taken advantage of, and being snobbish.


Each spell will help you develop all of the desired characteristics of the sign you choose and help you overcome the weaknesses. These spells help you become a better-rounded person! Each sign has more outstanding qualities and weaknesses than what I have listed here… This is just a small overview of each! Protection Status