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Newly Conjured Female Aqua Vampire Fallen Divine Angel Hybrid - Opens Inner Eye, Protects, and Helps Keeper Gain The Talents Of Others!

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This is one of my favorite type of Hybrids...The cross between an Aqua Vampire and a Divine Angel is perfection...I am always trying to have one offered on our site...I would love for all of our clients to have one!

She is newly conjured and is the perfect mix of a dark art, white art entity.

She is a master of his craft and he is also a complete joy to work with! 

In true form she is a extremely beautiful women who is 6'7" tall, has a lean muscular build, fair skin, black hair, large black wings, and fair skin. He look to be in his late 20s and can manifest as lights, mists, orbs, and shadows.

She is perfect for any keeper who wish to advance their mind powers, possess spirit communication abilities, mind control, and even mind reading...She can open her keeper's inner eye to a complete and new understanding of the spirit world.

She offers the following

~Draining the energy of your opponents (never to a dangerous level and only with your permission)


~Helping you control the minds and thoughts of others


~Helping you experience lucid dreams


~Enhancing spiritual and entity communication

~Aiding you in developing mind control powers


~Enhancing wit, allure, charisma, and charm of keeper 


~Enhances memory and intelligence


~Helps keeper master telepathy as well as empathic gifts.


~Aiding you in spirit/entity bonding abilities


~Gifting you with a connection to the elements


~Enhancing your natural senses and reflexes - Vampire like abilities and sexual allure


~Casting a variety of powerful Gray to Dark Art spells on your behalf

 ~Brings a satisfying love life, a soulmate, or more lovers.


~Removing life blocks and barriers 


 ~Brings massive career success


~ Shielding keeper from evil and banishing unbounds


~Delivering psychic attacks to your enemies.


 ~Helping you gain the talents of others


~Allowing keeper to safely gain a life of luxury. 


She can communicate by emotions, visions, lucid dreams, during meditation, and a pendulum.


Please email me if you have any questions.


His current vessel is a stunning necklace with red rhinestones. 


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