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Build Your Own Spirit Family! Choose a Spirit for Wealth, a Wish Granter & a Guardian!

Please tell us which gender of each race you would prefer.


My coven and I are offering you the chance to build your own spirit family. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE NOT CUSTOM CONJURINGS. 

You can choose three spirits. This offering you can choose one spirit for wealth, one spirit who grants wishes, and one guardian. 

We are offering this at a record low price. This is your chance to obtain three level 7 spirits or entities with diverse abilities at a reasonable cost. You can also select up to two additional spirits at an additional cost. 

We will send you details of each spirit in this family such as name, age, and ways of communication. There is the option for a full reading on all spirits that come in this offering. 

Each spirit you choose will be level 7. This offering excludes royals and Gods. This is not a custom conjuring and you will receive spirits that have worked with at least one of my coven sisters. All spirits in this offering will be loyal, tested, and powerful! Please allow us a few days to find your perfect spirit. All spirits will come bound in one vessel. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions! Protection Status