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Brand New Spirit Sensing and Communication 3X Cast Amulet!


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Some people have a natural gift and can easily see and communicate with the spirits. Others have a more difficult time experiencing strong paranormal activity with their spiritual items. 

What we offer here is a 3X spell that will cleanse your aura and safely open your inner eye so you can experience vivid, deeper and clearer spirit and entity communication. Have communication skills can help you seal quicker and deeper bonds which lead to more powerful manifesting of blessings!

These are newly cast and full of powerful magick/energy 

My coven and I have perfected one of our most powerful spells to help open your medium/psychic abilities to help you connect with the Spirits around you. 


This spell also helps the possesses share emotions with their spirits/entities and also helps the wearer develop empathic abilities.

This amulet will bless you the abilities to know when spirits are near you and even allow you to know what they have to say! 

The wearer of this amulet will experience the following

Medium Abilities

Lucid Dreams

Empathic Abilities

Clearer Telepathy

Deeper Meditation

More Vivid Pendulum Sessions

As well are see more shadows and orbs!

This also have a protection spell to keep you safe from evil and dark spirits. Only well meaning spirits can come through. 

For the best results we need you to believe and to be a positive force. You must meet all magick with a open mind and a open heart. We need your beliefs to match are own. You must believe in magick and spirits. People who have doubt in their hearts may have limited success with this spell. For those of you who believe a whole new outlook on the spirit world and the spirits within it await you. 

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The spell was cast on a mossy green stone pendant that is about 3" long. Please note the chain does not come with the amulet. However I will add recharging, cleansing and boosting to the amulet for you.


Thank you for looking.