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Brand New Full Moon Mid Level Wishing Book Yields Excellent Results!

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This style the nicest made mid-level spell Journal I have offered. This is the hundred percent handmade and is a beautiful dark brown leather. We have upgraded these popular books...

This one was just completed this last weekend and it feels alive with energy...It's just awaiting your wishes :) 

These are made by my coven and I. We created these to be highly effective and very easy to use! This deluxe version has been boosted! More power and faster manifesting :)

The quality of the book offered today far succeeds that of our last book offered. They are a bit bigger and more solid.

These have been very popular because of their success. Their most popular because of their ease to use. They require no bonding and have no upkeep. They are pre-spelled to make your wishes manifest. 

I have been working on these for sometime...While this is not the most powerful book like this I have offered this still gets most jobs done! 

If you are looking for fame or riches you will want to wait for a higher level book. However if are looking for some life enhancing spell work, protection of people this book is for you! 

This book has all the magick it will ever need to remain active your entire lifetime. There is no upkeep, no bonding ritual or offerings needed. The only thing this needs is you and your ideas! 

Things wanted - Write them down. The magick within these pages will help them manifest. Things like a little extra spending money, more friends, peace, happiness, a new lover, more sex appeal can be given to you. 

This not wanted - Write them down and cross them out. Bills, people, bad luck, feelings of anger, mean people or even regret. 

This will create things you want and takes away the things you do not want. 

If you want people to be protected - Put there names in the book. Also useful for animals! 

If you want a person out of your life or someone else - Write their names down and cross out the person who should be banished. 

This is simple yet effective magick that only brings positive change! 

These is a lovely brown color and is about 3" x 4" About 240 pages (back and front).

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

Thank you for looking!!!