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Brand New! 13 Spirit and Entity Communication Incense Cones - Spelled For Enhanced Benefits.


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Today we offer newly made and newly cast Spirit Communication incense...These are handmade with care so that they will be perfect for your needs. They are spelled for enhanced benefits and make excellent offerings for all spirits and entities. Both White and dark entities thrive when a cone is burned for them.

Use daily to improve overall communication with your entities and spirits or use as needed while meditating or using a pendulum.

This blend safely opens the inner eye and relaxes the mind for more accurate and easier communication!

 This is a full coven 3X casting which makes it one of the most powerful spirit/entity communication tools

This magickal incense will bless you the abilities to know and understand your spirits!

The spell will help you develop or advanced telepathy, empathic abilities, psychic abilities, medium abilities and the better feeling the emotions of your spirit/entity...Some people have even experienced more activity and seeing clearer manifesting of their spirits and entities.

This also have a protection spell to keep you safe from evil and dark spirits. Only well meaning spirits can come through.

You will get 13 clean burning cones and I will send the easy to use instructions.

If you have any questions please email me at 

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