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Boggart - Your Choice of Friendly Male or Female Household Spirit Who Brings Unexpected Blessings



Today my coven and I are pleased to offer you a rare but helpful spirit! Today you are offered your choice of a male or female Boggart.

Boggarts are excellent household companions and are very helpful spirits. They tend to appear humanoid to their keepers. Most are playful, friendly, loving and outgoing. They love to interact with their keepers and when a Boggart is near, fun is sure to be found!

Please note that most Boggarts do not have names. Every now and then, a rare one will give itself a name but this is not always the case.

Likely ways your Boggart will manifest include moving small objects, causing minor electrical disturbances, as shadows, and as visons during meditation.

To their keeper, a Boggart will bring protection against evil, guidance in all areas of life, attraction of friends, problem solving, adding excitement to life, removing negative blocks, and bringing unexpected blessings to the keeper’s home!

We will send you information on your Boggart including name (if named), ways of communication, methods of bonding, etc.

Please feel free to ask any questions. Protection Status