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Boggart - Household Guardian & Problem Solver * Friendly and Active Offered by Lily


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Offered here is a level 7 male Boggart. He is ideal for the keeper seeking both a vigilant guardian and fun-loving companion. He is the perfect balance of seriousness and fun!

Whiole he takes his service to his keeper very seriously, he has a fun nature and enjoys interacting! He can manifest as dancing orbs, whimsical tunes, vibrations, sweet scents and can even leave objects in unexpected places! At times, he can even help recover lost objects. They objects may be found in the most unexpected places!

He communicates well through emotions, meditation, pendulum and telepathy.  He is eager and enthusiastic. 

Info on the Boggart. 

The Boggart is a magickal spirit who uses gray magick to guard their keeper's home. 

Please note that many Boggarts do not have names. Every now and then, a rare one will give itself a name but this is not always the case. 

To their keeper, a Boggart will bring protection against evil, guidance in all areas of life, attraction of friends, problem solving, adding excitement to life, removing negative blocks, and bringing unexpected blessings to the keeper’s home!

He is bound to the amulet pictured. 

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