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BluJay's Personal and Very Successful Female Cikavac - Stunning Magickal Entity!

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Today I offer you a female Cikavac who has the ability to bring you just about anything you desire.

She is proudly offered from my personal collection of custom conjured entities. She has been one of my most dependable wish granters! I am both excited and proud to offer her to you!

In her true form she is a very large gold bird with beautiful wings and feathers that sparkle...She has large black eyes that are kind and wise. She after manifests as a whistling sound, a large golden orb and warm spots.

A Cikavac is a large bird spirit who works with gray magick and are talented wish granters.

She will bring you a wide variety of blessings

These blessings include, but are by not limited to:

-Attracting wealth 

-Bringing love or restoring love

-Bringing opportunities 

-Aiding in career advancement 

-Helping you reach your goals 

-Creative inspiration 

-Aid in reaching your goal weight 

-Giving you a more youthful appearance 

-Attraction of lovers and friends 

-Protection from evil people, evil spirits and evil entities.

-Help with a safe opening of inner eye and psychic abilities.

She can grant almost any wish you have no matter how big or small it is! 

Her best means of communication are through emotions, telepathy, lucid dreams, and during meditation. 

Her vessel is a pretty blue pendant with dark spots mixed in

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Thank you for looking!