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Blue Moon Full Coven Vampire Turn Spell!


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For many years I have offered spells that help the wearers possesses vampire traits while still remaining human...However this spell is the best! It's results are swift yet still safe. This spell will take you as close to becoming a vampire as you can while still remaining human. 

This is the newest casting and it's alive with energy! I has sent positive energy waves all through me...This is the perfect casting. This offering is a blujay magick original.

These are a full coven casting with the help of vampire Gods and Goddess...However this particular amulet is ultra rare as it was completed on our last full moon...Making for faster results and more powerful results! Once a month we come out with the full moon casting of this most popular spell. 

Today we offer a very special pendant that has a powerful spell cast upon it. The magick used to create this exquisite piece is some of the most powerful known to man. We as a coven work with a powerful vampire God/Goddess to aid in the ultimate success of this sell. This piece has been created for the person who desires to possess all the magick, power  and gifts of a Vampire without becoming one.


Being a average mortal with the average mortal problems can be exhausting. We have created away for you to break away from your normal mortal shell and become more then you ever thought possible.


This spelled pendant can change almost every aspect of your life and to the one who wears it this is what will be gifted to you...You will feel more youthful, the natural aging process will be slowed, you may even notice signs of age reversal.


You will also possess a alluring energy that will draw people to you. You can become seductive and desired by the opposite sex. You can shine and be the center of attention if you desire. You will have a new barrier around you to keep you safe and fend off any psychic attacks. You can also become a mind reader who can drain your enemies energy and with that energy comes their feeling, secrets and thoughts. You psychic abilities will be enhanced and visions of the future can be seen. A new spiritual awaking awaits the wearer of this pendant.


This spell was cast by myself and my coven (I would never trust another when it comes to the castings I offer). During this ritual a Vampire Goddess was called upon and he magnified the magick to make it more true and much more effective...To the one who hears this pieces call be prepared to be reborn into a super human with enhances senses, reflexes, youth, energy, beauty, sex appeal, psychic abilities and more!


This spell was cast on a a lovely wire wrapped pendant that can be worn by a man or a women.The pendant about 2" in size and can be worn by a man or a women. I will add recharging, cleansing and boosting to the pendant for you. Please note that the pendant you get may slightly differ in color then the picture.


If you have any questions about this offering please feel free to email me anytime.


Thank you for looking!