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Blue Moon 3X Full Coven Casting Gives Empathic Abilities To Wearer - In-Depth Spirit Communication


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Up for your consideration our latest 3X cast full coven spell of empathic abilities. This spell has aided many in their quest of spirit communication. 

This spell was created and cast for those who wish to know their spirits better...The wearer of this bead will be blessed with the gift of a empath. 

The bead you will is made of a glass and has a silver colored core. The opening is large so it can fit on nearly any chain or bracelet. Most these beads may range in color. The pattern of the bead you get may vary from the one in the photo.

A empath is a person who touches objects and feels or reads the energy within. Once you are in tuned with this spell you can hold your spirited piece and receive feelings, thoughts, energy and even see visions of the spirit within. 

This is a wonderful way to learn about your spirits/entities history! This is very useful with human and non human spirits. 

You will also be able to feel any stored energy in random places. Going to a antique store can be amazing. Many items hold wonderful memories and energy from those who owned them. 

If you are have ever held a haunted object and felt nothing then you just found the spelled pendant/bead that can turn the tides for you. 

This is simple to use and completely safe to use. The spell will start to work at a pace you are ready for and will grow as you grow. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime. 

Thank you for looking!