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Beautiful Recharging, Cleansing, Bonding Box Can Boost Entities By Three Levels



I am very excited to offer this all in one spirit and spell box!

I have two ready to ship

This large size cupboard style box is the only spirit box you will ever need. 

This is all in one spirit, spell and entity box. Plus it's so beautiful!

This box cleanses and recharges all spirits, spells and entities within 1 hour.

It works as a bonding box which allows your spirits and entities to form bonds...Once a bond is sealed harmony enters your spirit family and more powerful magick follows.

It also as a spirit, entity and spell booster. It can boost any spirit, spell or entity up to 3 entire levels!

We have spent nearly 2 months creating this extraordinary piece for you.

This also works as a wonderful place to store as well as reward your spirits and entities. It can also charge herbs and incense which allows them to become more potent offerings.

The box is beautiful and rustic! It's about 11 1/2" tall and 8 1/2" This box is rustic and is made with imperfection. This is a stock photo so the one you receive may vary from the one in the picture.

International clients...Please email me for correct shipping cost. This weighs nearly 2 pounds so shipping will be around 25.00 worldwide. The price given is for US clients only.