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Bead Of Vast Protection From Evil Unbounds and Curses


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Up for your consideration is a lovely bead that has powerful protection spells cast upon it.

This is a full coven spelled bead that will protect you from curses and negative energy/people. 

Bead will vary

My coven and I just completed these and are proud to offer them to you! These are very useful and helpful. 

What wearing one of these can do you is protect you from any type curse, hex and negative wishes that are or have been aimed at you...No person and no caster can break through this pieces protection magick. Also this bead sees that the sender gets whats due. Everything they send to you will be sent back to them. Having this bead in your possession can bring a feeling of safety while providing you with a constant flow of positive energy. 

This bead will also remove any current hexes you have upon you. You may feel happier, more peaceful, have enhanced spirit communication and better friendships. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

We cast this spell on a nicely made glass bead. The bead may vary slightly from the one pictured.

Thank you for looking Protection Status