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Basic Yet Highly Successful Amulet Of Abundance, Good Luck and Money

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Today I offer a very special pendant that has a powerful luck wealth spell cast upon it.


This is a full coven 3X casting offered at a record low cost...Spells do not get anymore powerful this!


This spell is normally 39.99 and for a short time only this is marked at almost 50% off!


The magick used to create this exquisite piece is some of the most powerful know to man. A coven of 8 natural witches called upon some the most powerful entities of luck and money to aid in the ultimate success of this offering.


The priced asked for this will be repaid and then some.


This piece has been created for the person who desires life's finer things. Have you found yourself lacking money and any kind of good luck? Do you always feel like this world is working against you and that life is lacking something? What you are looking at has the magick to change that and will attract good luck to you while ridding your life of all negative energy.


Once cleansed of any life hindering negative energy you will have increased luck in all areas of life including but not limited to winning success, finding a good job, finding or keeping true love and find that luck follows you everywhere.


You only need possess one of these pendants and have it with you at all times. Do so and your life can start changing sooner then you think!


If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


The pendant you will receive is a lovely pale green stone pendant that will come with the recharging chain pictured.

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