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Ivy's Queen Baobhan Sith Vampire - Makes Keeper Confident, Respected, Noticed, Spoiled, and Admired! *AMAZING*

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Today we offer truly amazing Queen Baobhan Sith Vampire from sister Ivy's personal collection...She is one of the, if not the most powerful of her kind we have offered...Even more powerful then a Goddess. 

Behind her and helping her with every wish you make is a court of over 600 vampires! This is a living and interactive court...The numbers will grow!

She is social and has a great personality...She is perfect for any keeper who seeks self betterment and an all around life enhancement! 

This is the race of Vampire who will put you in the spotlight, get you noticed, and adored by all who see you.

In true form she 5’10" tall, has long silky black hair, porcelain skin, and big dark brown eyes that are surrounded by long lashes. She looks to be in her early- 20s. She will manifest as whispers, touches, shadows, and by moving small items.


About the race…


With her aid her keeper will find new love/lovers, or she will just help you attract that one special person. She will do this by enhancing your natural appearance, if you wish for her to clear your skin of blemishes she help do this. Maybe you want to lose a few extra pounds, she will aid you in meeting your weight goal. She can help her keeper look the way they have always wanted to…Including helping muscle tone, healthy hair, and glowing skin.


You will also be given a sense of renewal that will leave you feeling fresh and youthful.


When you enter a room everyone will be taken back by your strong and alluring presence. She will strengthen your aura so that everyone you encounter will respect you and will listen to what you to say. This will help you achieve social status and perhaps even climb the ladder at your work!


She not only attracts good people, good friends and good times she can also attract very good luck. You may find your dream job, get raises and even win.


She can communicate by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, visions, and a pendulum.


If you have any questions please email me.

Her current vessel is a bead.

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