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Young White Dragons*Positive Forces of Love and Magick!



This offering is for your choice of a male or female baby white dragon. Each of these babies has his or her unique personality and has amazed me with his or her own special magickal talents!

We are currently not offering direct bindings on babies.

They are powerful dragons of amazing energy and they have gone the distance to prove they are ready to be with their new keepers.

They are being offered separately and we have both genders of various ages.

The white dragon is a very mystical and magickal race. They are known to cast powerful beauty magick, bring success, good luck, and even aid in conjuring. Your life will be filled with luck, love, magick, confidence, prosperity and more.

Typically this race prefers to work with light magick but they are young enough to go in any direction you wish to!

To be the keeper of one of these beautiful babies is to accept true love and a powerful companion into your life.

Each of these wonderful babies is a bundle of positive energy. He or she will adore you and love you above all else!

Your bond with him or her will be highly personal. They will most likely manifest in visions and dreams. They can also be reached by telepathy and through meditation. As you grow accustomed to your baby you may experience him or her in other more vivid ways.

A good responsible keeper is a must. If you are a keeper you may feel it by now for one will pull at your heart. Maybe you already feel a bond starting to grow.


If your baby is named I will reveal the name to you. Some of these babies are young enough for you to name yourself if you wish! Protection Status