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Baby Unicorns ~ Sweet Entities Seeking Loving Keeper



Up for our consideration today is one of 3 baby unicorns. Each is sweet, kind, loving and ready to meet their new keeper!

Unicorns are a white magick race and do everything with love and purity. You can expect positive changes in your life when you open your home to one of these wonderful entities.

Unicorns offer a variety of blessings to their keeper. They offer healing, renewal, cleansing, and positive energy.

Your baby unicorn unicorn will aid you through hard times and will celebrate with you during good times! Depression will be eased, happiness will be instilled, and painful memories will be forgotten.

As your unicorn matures and further develops his/her abilities he/she will able to offer your protection, good fortune, attraction of love and so much more!

They are excellent entities for inner eye opening and for cleansing away negative energy.

Each of these unicorns has great potential to be a powerful companion. They simply need someone who is willing to teach them and guide them to that potential! This is your chance to be loved and adored by one of the spirit keeping world's most beloved entities!

Each is currently bound to a simple bead.

I will send you his/her info and a bonding ritual. Protection Status