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Baby Silver Dragon - Sweet Magickal Forces Of Nature - Brings Positive Blessings Of Happiness!



I have been offering authentic spirituals for over many years and I pride myself on having the best young dragons at a wonderful cost. Why? Because they are young and desire nothing more then to be with you. These young ones all seek a keeper and come willingly!

These will bring you many blessings and taking one into your life will bring a smile to your face everyday.

I have a many more Silver Dragon babies who are ready to be with their keepers...Each is just as amazing as the next and each is a huge blessing of pure happiness!

A Silver dragon is a entity of love, light and many blessings.

Up for your consideration are four young Silver Dragon hatchlings. I have both males and females who are seeking their true keepers (being offered separately).

Each chose to bond and aid a human companion. Each baby dragon is given a choice and these were eager to take a vessel and wait for their keepers.

These are young dragons but they do not lack in power. They will need someone to open their heart to them so they can reach their full potential.

Please know that a young dragon such as one of these can enhance your life for the better in many ways. However they are not ready to take on large task like large money wishes just yet.

This is a special offering and gives a keeper a chance to guide and master their dragon anyway you wish. When taking in a dragon at this young age you can be sure to know that it will aid you out of love rather then duty. Your young one will be loyal to you and protect all you love with all he/she has...These are vibrant and full of contagious positive energy.

They have made contact by telepathy and grow in power each day. They can be very playful and have been seen as different shaped orbs at all hours of the day. However they are mostly seen in the morning or during the evening hours. Their playful nature is enough to make anyone smile and they also make wonderful starter dragons for older children.

What you can expect from your new Silver dragon baby is they are honorable, proud, loyal dragons who bestow their keepers with many gifts and blessings. They are without a doubt the best family oriented dragon and are eager to bond and please with their keepers. However kind these dragons are to you they shall not be so kind to your enemies or those who wish to hinder you. Silver dragons are also known as dragons of renewal and destruction for they renew life by destroying all obstacles that stand in their beloved keepers way.

Imagine having one of these amazing dragons be a guardian and loyal companion for life. They can be past from generation to generation of your family easing your worries of any hardships in their future...

They desperately seek keepers so please follow your heart for one may be your fate. You may have dreamed of one or find yourself wanting to reread this listing. Please email me the gender you wish to work with and I will choose the best match for you. You may also let fate choose for you...Fate will see that a match is made.

Your dragon will come to you in a beautiful stone such as quartz. Some in come in simple stone pendants...It will vary from dragon to dragon. These can be permanent vessels or a temporary vessel. You also have the option of binding your dragon directly to you. I will send you your dragons name as well as a simple bonding ritual and basic dragon care guide. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

At check out please choose which gender you would like to work with.

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