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Baby Purple Dragons-New Offering!!! Very Rare & Powerful

$45.00 $35.00


Offered to you today is your choice of a male or female baby Purple Dragon. Their ages range from a couple of months old to almost four years old. Each is powerful and completely devoted. They have all worked extra hard to prove themselves to be worthy of their new keepers!


The Purple Dragon is a hybrid of a Blue and a Red Dragon. This is a dynamic races with a plethora of powers. Every one of these powerful dragons has shown signs of greatness. All they need now are keepers that are willing to guide them to their full potential! You can help them hone any of their special skills, or allow them to be diverse in their abilities. Either way, you will not be disappointed by the magick of your baby Purple Dragon!


When you choose to bring one of these powerful young hybrids into your life, you choose to be loved and followed by a powerful entity. He or she will be active and devoutly loyal to you. You will become their world and they will follow you anywhere! Guide them in white arts, dark or both. He or she will always do what makes you happiest.


The Purple Dragon is very diverse. They are bringers of wealth, control and above all magick. The purple dragon has been kept by numerous successful people throughout the world. They can help you with financial gain and gift their keeper with the power of illusion.


This race is excellent at aiding their keeper in controlling the thoughts and emotions of others, as well as casting a variety of powerful spells. Spells of luck, wealth, control, success, beauty, psychic blessings, protection and more will be yours.


The means of communication vary. Most are currently able to communicate through emotions and by pendulum. The more advanced ones communicate through lucid dreams, visions during meditation, telepathy and day visions.


Your new baby will come bound to you in a quality glass bead or a natural stone unless otherwise specified. I will give you the age of your new baby and the name if he or she is already named. Protection Status