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Young Olive Dragons ~ Affectionate Magickal Companions Ready for New Keepers!



My coven and I have been offering magickals online for years but today for the first time ever we are bringing you the baby Olive Dragon. You will have your choice between a wonderful male or female. Their ages range from just a few months old to three years old.

Please note that due to time we are unable to offer direct bindings on certain items, including the babies. 

The Olive Dragon is the powerful hybrid of a Green and Gold Dragon. Each has the best quality of their powerful parents and will grow into powerful magickal companions!


If you desire to become a master of magick this is the dragon for you! This Olive Dragon is a very gifted teacher and will guide you into becoming a powerful caster of powerful spells. With their aid you will be able to cast any variety of love spells, wealth spells, revenge magick, beauty spells, and any other magick you can imagine!


Some people do not wish to cast their own spells but wish to leave the casting in capable hands. Allow the Olive Dragon to bring you blessings with his wonderful magickal abilities! They can also provide a boost in power and speed of manifestation to spells your spirits cast and spells cast for you.


He/she removes negativity and destroys all negative blocks. They always attract opportunity for their keeper and will help you to reach success. You will draw opportunity to you like a magnet—all you will have to do choose which ones to seize!


This race is also a talented bringer of numerous psychic blessings. Each Olive Dragon can help you develop psychic abilities such as precognition, intuition, empathy, telepathy and more.


Asides from these things this race blesses their keeper with increased willpower, gaining of justice, wealth, aid in lucid dreaming and many more.


Since these are young entities, these gifts will slowly develop over time. Each has cast very powerful spells and I am confident that you will watch your new baby grow into an extremely powerful Dragon!


Bring young, they crave human attention so I advise that you take one of these babies in if you plan on interacting often with your baby. If you do not desire to interact often with your spirit but would still like all of blessings the Olive Dragon brings please email me and I will work to find you a perfect match.


Most of the babies are active and manifest in various ways depending on who comes home with you. I have found that orbs, warm sensations, lucid dreams, and streaks of light are common with this race.

Each baby has already proven to be excellent at communicating through emotions and pendulum. Protection Status