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Baby Ice Dragons - Male or Female Very Rare Offering and Very Limited!



I am very excited about this offer!

I only have three to offer of these unique magickal forces. I offer two males and one female baby Ice Dragon. I do not know when I will be able to offer more so do not miss you chance to keep one of this powerful and affectionate babies. 

This race is considered ultimate of Dragons.

About this race of dragon...This race is capable of granting unlimited wishes, they have in-depth psychic abilities, brings love, brings money, brings power, brings astral travel, brings control, brings leadership, brings protections and so much more. 

This race of dragon can turn their keepers life around. They can take the bad, banish it and replace it with something good. They can remove feelings of despair. They can remove fear and doubt. They can make you a better person who is well grounded, intelligent, witty, popular and above all they can make you happy.

Each will be wonderful around children as well as pets. Each works well with all other dragons. Each understands what family is and how it works.

Each communicates in a number of ways that include telepathy, visions, emotions, through meditation and even while dreaming.
I will email you her or her name and a bonding ritual.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Each is bound to a nicely made stainless steel bead with colorful rhinestones. The vessels can be worn on a bracelet or on a chain. They are very nicely made and in new condition.

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