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Baby Gryphons~Just In!!!! Sweet & Loyal Entities Ready for Their First Keepers - Possesses All Their Magickal Abilities!



Up for your consideration is your choice of a male or female baby Gryphon.


Please note that we are not able to offer direct bindings on babies.


Their ages range from about 11 weeks to almost a year old. We have tested each one and all of them are positive forces of pure happiness. They will love you and you will be his or her everything.



You could ask for no greater companion than one of these loving entities. Each and every one of them has already shown great promise of powerful magick.



Gryphons (also spelled “griffin”) have the body of a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. They are proud beasts and make fierce guardians.



Gryphons are extremely loving and devoted. Your new baby will always stand by your side and will shower you with adoration.



To their keeper they provide unfettering protection, attraction of wealth, protection of financial assets, connection with other realms, and so much more.



You will receive your baby’s name (if he or she is named) and some minor details about him or her. Your new baby will come bound in a quality class bead or a stone depending on who you choose. There are other vessel options above. Protection Status