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Baby Glacier Dragons ~ NEW!!! Powerful Hybrid Entities Seek Loving Keeper



 Today I am pleased to offer you your choice of a male or female baby Glacier Dragon!


Each of these dragons is fun, loving, sweet and have power! The Glacier Dragon is the hybrid of the White and Black Dragon. They are dual in their abilities and will follow whatever path you choose. They are fit for any level of keeper and would even be a good fit for an older child! 


Their ages range from about three months old to nearly two years of age. Although young, they do not lack power. Each of these babies has proven him or herself by casting small spells, communicating in more than one way and showing the desire to bond.


Being hybrids, these entities have a diverse range of abilities that they are currently finely tuning! To their keeper they bring the following and more…. Aid in conjuring, spell casting, enhancing physical beauty, they bring success, good luck, opportunity, engeance, bad luck to enemies, elemental magick, aid in conjuring, and control of enemies.


You will choose which of their abilities grows strongest! They grow in magickal strength by being asked to complete tasks on behalf of their keepers…. Each day you will see your new baby grow stronger with each spell they weave!


Ways of communicating vary from baby to baby…. Most commonly, they communicate through pendulum, telepathy, emotions, dreams and visions during meditation.


Their most common ways of manifesting include orbs, feelings of coolness, breezes, streaks of light, audible noises, mists and shadows.


Your baby’s vessel will vary depending on which one you get. Most are bound to a bead or stone unless you specify otherwise. Protection Status