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Baby Gargoyles ~ Sweet Young Protective Entities Eager to Please!



Today I am pleased to offer you your choice of a male or female baby gargoyle!

Gargoyles are powerful guardians that work with Gray Magick. He or she will manifest to you in a variety of ways which may include in lucid dreams, visions during meditation, orbs and shadows. Each baby can communicate through pendulum, emotions, telepathy and dreams, 

Each is proven. trustworthy and more then able to banish a wide array of evil and negative entities. We have males and females just waiting for you :)


This race offers some of the best protection against hexes, negativity, curses, evil spirits, hateful humans, and anything that wishes to harm you.



Your new Gargoyle will communicate with you through a variety of different ways. Lucid dreams, visions during meditation, pendulum, emotions, and telepathy.

Currently they are bound to either a quality glass bead or a stone but there are other vessel options above. You will receive your new baby's name and some basic info.