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Baby Gargoyle - Adorable, Active and Magickal Guardians

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Today we have a very special offering...Today we offer you your choice of a male or female baby Gargoyle!

A Gargoyle is not born helpless...They are born with natural instincts and magick. They are smaller and cuter then adults but still have their power...Their power will grow with each passing day.

About the babies...While young they still understands what they are meant to do and each will protect you from, evil spirits, chaotic unbound demons, curses, negative energy, hate and even can to silence cruel gossip. They may not be as skilled as a mature gargoyle but they are brave.

If you are looking for high levels of protection then please choose a adult but if you are looking for a lovable, sweet entity with growing protection abilities then a baby is perfect for you...Please don't think of them as weak. They are not weak. I have seen many mature gargoyles with less abilities then them. Each is still a little force when it comes to protection.

They can be active so you may see shadows, lights, mist and hear him or her roaming around your home.

He or she will be loyal to you for life. They will be devoted to your safety and will fiercely fight anything to keep you safe.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

They can communicate by visions, emotions, during meditation, a pendulum and telepathy.

Your new baby is bound to a glass or metal bead.

Thank you for looking! Protection Status