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Baby Coral Dragons Just In! Loving Hybrid Dragons Bring Personal Gain & Power



Here we offer you the chance to raise your very own baby Coral Dragon. You have your choice between a male and female.


Each baby in this offering is loving, loyal, promising and magickal. The keeper of one of these babies will be loved and blessed in ways you never thought possible!


Since these are young entities a good responsible keeper is a must. What this means is that they seek a keeper who will allow them to use their magick so that it can grow. They enjoy interaction with their keeper and will thrive with someone who likes activity in their entities.



Here is some info on the Coral Dragon….


This race is extremely beneficial to their keeper because they have the intelligence of the Bonze Dragon and the devoted nature of the Red Dragon.


This race is a money-making race that will help you acquire wealth and remove debt. They brings money to his keeper in a variety of safe ways… Attract of wealth, career opportunities, luck in gambling, high return on investments, financial inspire, investment help just to name a few!


This race is highly intelligent and shares this with their keeper. This learning can extend to an academic setting, help in career advancement, and even learning about people! As you speak with people you will naturally sense things about them… Their desires and weaknesses will be yours to tap into!


They can help you bend others thoughts, control their emotions, and even manipulate their actions into your favor. I have seen Coral Dragons make people obsess, admire, desire and even fear their keepers on your demand.


They bestow their keeper the blessings of improved luck, uplift in mood, confidence and safety.


Each communicates and manifests in different ways but I have found pendulum, emotions and meditation to be fairly consistent with these Dragons. You will receive your new baby’s name if named and a simple but detailed bonding ritual.


Please let me know if you have any questions at all.


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