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Baby Brass Dragons~Sweet & Social Positive Forces With Numerous Blessings

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My coven is pleased to offer you your choice of a male or female baby brass dragon. Each of these dragons varies in age from a few weeks to a little over one year old. They are being offered separately and each one is extremely excited to meet their true keeper!

Each one of these babies has a positive nature and is ready to bless their new keeper with love. They are playful, outgoing and very fun babies!

They are powerful dragons of amazing energy and they have gone the distance to prove they are ready to be with their new keepers.  

Deciding to take one of these babies into your life can change it for the better Each is capable of positive life altering magick and can bring you gift after gift! They are young but do not lack power…. They will never stop aiming to please you, their keeper!

The Brass dragon is an outgoing dragon that enjoys being social. Your new baby will become one of your closest companions. He or she will always be by your side and looking out for you!

Brass dragons have many wonderful gifts to bestow their keeper. Each one has already showed great proficiency in all of these areas and more! What you Brass dragon can bring you includes, but is not limited to…. Aid in sleep, granting of wishes, attraction of friends, power of suggestion, control over your enemies, attraction of friends and more.

Being a young dragon means they can be easily guided and you can take your new baby either way...Light or dark your baby will bring you many gifts.

Your life will be filled with great luck, love, power, confidence, friendship, happiness and more.

These young dragons are a positive force who can change a negative room to a positive room within minutes. They are of love, honor, happiness and each has something very special about him/her. 

Having a dragon so young can be a wonderful experience and your bond shall be deeply sealed forever. They can be past from generation to generation of your family. Each will offer many lifetimes of powerful Magick to the people you love. 

Your bond with him or her will be highly personal. They will most likely manifest in visions and dreams. They can also be reached by telepathy and through meditation. As you grow accustomed to your baby you may experience him or her in other more vivid ways. 

A good responsible keeper is a must. If you are a keeper you may feel it by now for one will pull at your heart. Maybe you already feel a bond starting to grow. 

I will reveal his/her name to their new keeper only and once you have your baby you should seal your bond by candle light. Details on this simple ritual will also be given to you. 

If you would like more details on these to decide which one is for you please email me for more details. I will happy to share more.

Each dragon has been given a cute glass bead as a vessel. This bead has a 925 silver lining and may vary in color.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

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