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Baby Blue Dragons~Sweet Babies With Diverse Abilities!



Offered to you today is your choice of a wonderful male or female baby blue dragon. Blue dragons are an extremely magickal race that holds a diverse range of magickal abilities. You now have the chance to guide one of these young entities to power!


The age range of these babies is from a few weeks to three years old. You have your choice of a male or female. Each of them has their own special personality. All are loving, loyal and will be completely devoted to you and your happiness.


They are young but each holds the promise of power. Your baby blue dragon already has all of the abilities of the blue dragon, they just need someone to guide them while they finely tune these gifts.

Blue dragons are known for gifting their keeper with the following:

Aid in spell casting


Seeing through illusions


Protection from lies


Increasing power of spell work in the home


Performing glamours


Uplift in mood




Aid in mind and emotion manipulation


And more! Your baby blue dragon will grow to be a powerful granter of your wishes; bringing luck, prosperity, protection and an abundance of positive energy. Whoever you bring home will be extremely loyal and will attract all things positive while dispelling the negative!



Communication varies among these entities. Typically they will communicate through emotions, telepathy, lucid dreaming, visions etc. They also manifest in various color of orbs and physical sensations.


Your baby blue dragon will come to you bound in either a bead or a stone. You will receive a bonding ritual and your baby’s name if he or she is named already. Protection Status