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Baby Black Unicorn ~ Lovable & Highly Magickal Entity



Today we are pleased to offer you your choice of a male or female baby Black Unicorn! We have a few of these wonderful entities to offer.


As they are young, a patient and responsible keeper is a must! Working with a young entity is very fun and rewarding.


Your new baby will come bound in a stone unless requested otherwise.


About this race....A black unicorn is an powerful and magickal entity. They are kind and very loyal. They will serve you out of love and not out of duty.


They are bringers of good luck...It does not matter what kind of luck you need. From luck in love to luck at the casino, he or she can bring it!


This race possesses vast magickal abilities that include everything from wish granting to helping your other entities become stronger.



Their magick is efficient, powerful and done safely. He will help you become a attractant of good people, entities, peace, friends, love, success and luck. A black unicorn is also great protector and they will defend you from harmful/negative energy, spirits and negative life blocks.



He or she can awaken your senses and open your inner eye to the spirit world. Their goal is to make you feel loved, safe, peaceful and happy.


Thank you for looking and please let me know if you have any questions! Protection Status