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Baby Black Dragon - Dark Arts Magick Entity For Protection and Justice



Up for your consideration is one of four young Black Dragon hatchlings.

I have several young dragons who have chose to bond and aid a human. Each dragon is given a choice and these four were eager to take a vessel and await their keeper. This are very young dragons who are powerful for their age but will still need time before they reach their full potential.

This is a special offering and gives a keeper a chance to guide and master your dragon anyway you wish. When taking in a dragon at this young age you can be sure to know that it will aid you out of love rather then duty. Your young one will be loyal to you and protect all you love with all it has...Each of these four is vibrant and all feel very promising with their magick abilities.

All four have been easily felt and easy to reach during meditation. They all have made contact by telepathy and grow in power each day.

What you can expect when your Black Dragon grows is...Once bonded with a keeper they will go to great lengths to see that all blocks and barriers will be removed from your life. They can be fierce in their pursuit of your desires and will stop at nothing to see you are protected from all things that may hurt or further your growth, happiness and success.

A Black dragon is known to be very cunning and prefers a sneak attack so if a person has hurt his keeper he shall seek his justice and your enemies will never know what hit them. A well loved and respected Black Dragon is the most loyal dragon there is and I am sure one of these four will please you.

Each dragon is being sold separately and at a very reasonable price.

Your dragon will come to you in a beautiful stone such as quartz. These can be permanent vessels are a temporary vessel. You also have the option of binding your dragon directly to you. I will send you your dragons name as well as a simple bonding ritual.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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