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Baby Besen Dragons~Sweet Magickal Hybrids Ready for Keeper to Guide Them!



Today my coven is pleased to offer you your choice of a male or female baby Besen Dragon.


The Besen Dragon is a hybrid of the Western Black and the Western Silver. Each of the babies included in this offering shows the best traits of each. Each one is promising in their magick and they do not lack power despite their young age… All they need is a loving keeper who is willing to show them the way!


They can work with either white or dark magick, or both! They are all bundles of pure positive energy that will always strive to please their keeper.


Once you take one of these living entities into your life you will notice an instant uplift in mood and an instant removal of depression. He or she will cleanse you of all negative emotions and will encourage a positive flow of happier energy. They help their keeper be uplifted, confident, happy, and peaceful.


Besen Dragons are excellent wish granters as they have the magick of both a silver dragon and a black dragon! With their powerful magick they can bring you love, luck, justice, friendship, attraction of powerful spirits, aid in casting your own magick and so much more.


Their means of communication vary from baby to baby. Their most common means of communicating are telepathy, pendulum, emotions, visions, and dreams. They also manifest in orbs, shadows and mists. Some even cause cool spots on their keeper’s body!


Your baby will come bound to either a bead or a stone. Their ages range from 13 weeks to 2 years. Protection Status