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Baby Auburn Dragons ~ Sweet Entities Seeking Keeper to Allow Magickal Growth



My coven and I are pleased to offer you your choice of a male or female baby Auburn Dragon.


The Auburn Dragon is a hybrid between Copper and Bronze Dragon. Both of these races are intelligent and highly magickal. Most of these babies are a perfect balance between their parents!


Each baby in this offering has chosen to be bound and to work with a human keeper. They desire a keeper who will interact with them and allow them to grow as magickal beings. Their ages ranged from just over 1 year old to about 10 years old.



Now for some info on the abilities of this race …..

They are ideal if you desire a trusted companion who is able to swift spot danger even in the most unexpected places. This race is a superb judge of character and can help you learn who in your life is true and who means to cause you harm. He/She can test unbounds who claim to be honest to be sure that they are genuinely good and are not mascarading. Have you ever had an evil unbound impersonate one of your bound spirits? You will never have to fear that again with this dragon in your life!


Their judgement abilities also make them excellent at serving justice.


He/she works to enhance her keeper’s memory and soon you will find that even the most complicated things in life are clearer and easier to handle. They opens their keeper’s senses and allows you to see the world as you have never seen it before. Never be at a loss again!


Asides from these things this race is capable of castings powerful spells, performing glamours, and is very protective.


Each of these babies shows promise and will not disappoint. The more experienced they become the more you will see their power grow! Protection Status