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Aura Cleanse, Repair and Curse Weakening/Removal Bath Salt - Spelled For Enhanced Abilities


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Today my coven and I offer you a special spell cast bath sale that will cleanse your aura and help remove curses.


This offering is for approximately 1 ounce of spelled bath salts.


The scent is wonderful...It smells like lavender!

With daily use your aura will become new and completely repaired...Any curse will become weakened or even banished completely...This fabulous blend will also protect your aura and repeal negative energy.

With a cleansed and repaired aura you can feel better, look better, have good luck, draw in positive energy, bond with spirits/entities faster, have better spirit communication, sleep better and more...This blend clears your path of blocks so you can experience happiness.


These bath salts also wash away all negativity so there will be no more blocks keeping you from happiness.

I will send the simple instructions on how to use your bath sale...One ounce is all it takes! A little salt goes a long way!

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