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Astral Angel ~Brings Love and Creates All-Around Life Happiness - Find New Friends, Make More Money and Be Blessed!



Today I offer you your choice of a male or female Astral Angel. I have several available. You will have your choice of a male or female, and we will send the angel that feels the strongest connection to you!


The Astral Angel is a highly magickal angel who will gift you with astral travel, clearer communication with other angels and Astral beings. They are white magick spirits and will bless your life with positive blessings. 

The Astral Angel can offer true companionship and guidance to their human. They stay with you out of love rather then duty. They uplift you on low energy days. They can make you smile on bad days and offer comfort whenever you need it. 

You angel will guide you in making correct life choices and will steer you away from the wrong course in life. 

Love, luck, friendship and happiness will always be with you. If you have been seeking true love you will soon find it.

Need luck? Each will give you luck in all areas of life. Want true friends? Prepare to become popular! Each angel works hard to ensure their human has a blessed, long and very happy life.

The Astral Angel is perhaps the easiest to keep. They require little time and do not demand your constant attention.

They can appear clearly during your astral travels and during meditation. They are also seen as orbs and other lights. Although active they are mild mannered and never disruptive! 

I will send you your angels name and a bonding ritual.

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