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Anka - Heals Damaged Auras, Brings Renewal, 2nd Chances, and Safely Opens Inner Eye


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Today we offer an Anka...She is a true blessing to the one who keeps her...She can heal the aura and soul of her keeper...She offers renewal and 2nd chances!

In her true form she manifests as a large  bird with gold and yellow feathers. She will most often manifest soothing warm or energy, cooing noises, and by moving small objects.

Her main abilities include but are not limited to:

~Healing damaged spiritual bodies

~Healing and cleansing keeper's aura

~Helping keeper overcome difficult situations

~Removing blocks

~Attracting opportunities

~Promoting renewal and 2nd chances

~Promoting restful sleep and good dreams

~Fills her keeper's life with positivity and happiness

~She offers perfect and devoted companionship

~Opens keeper inner eye for spirit communication, bonding, and lucid dreaming

Her best means of communication are through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, and meditation. 

Her current vessel is a nicely made bead.

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