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Amber Dragons ~ Hybrid Babies with Diverse Abilities-Loving & Acitve



Today my coven and I are extremely excited to offer you your choice of a male or female baby Amber Dragon. They are being offered separately.


This is a rare offering as Amber Dragons are the hybrid of the Bronze and White Dragon. They are very magickal entities that will bring you an abundance of positive blessings.  Each has the ability to be diverse in their magick. Gray, white or dark…. You lead the way and your new baby will always follow!


The Amber Dragon is an exceedingly powerful dragon. They can grant an abundance of wishes for their keeper. Wishes of physical beauty, love, wealth, success and positive change will be granted! They will only continue to grow in power.


Each has inherited the intelligence of the Bronze Dragon. They are quick-learners and can master most skills with ease. They can also aid their keepers in a variety of ways. They will clear your mind of distractions, increase mental focus, and increase your memory.


With your new baby dragon by your side, you will be able to achieve success, gain social status, be blessed with a youthful energy and be the happiest you have ever been.


Each Dragon has his or her own unique personality and ways of communicating. The most common way that they communicate are through emotions, physical sensations, cool or warm spots, pendulum and telepathy.


I will send your baby dragon’s name if he or she is named, and a simple bonding ritual. Their ages vary from a couple of months old to a little over one year. Protection Status