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Alicorn - Unicorn Pegasus Hybrid - Level 7 Female With Great Power and Success

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Today we offer a Alicorn from our personal collection.

She is a very serious and hard-working entity. She is always on duty and makes sure her keeper is taken care of.

In true form she is the perfect mix of white unicorn and a white Pegasus...She is a pure white color with a long slender white horn, long mane and her tail drags on the ground behind her. She most often manifest as a glowing mist and twinkling orbs. 

About this unique hybrid...

The Alicorn is a rare hybrid of a white Unicorn and a Pegasus. Different practitioners will often refer to them by different names such as the “Pegacorn”. This rare race is the result of a mating between a Pegasus and a Unicorn and he possesses the qualities of each of their parents. They work strictly with white magick.

She will instantly cleanse away any negativity and open your eyes many things including the spirit world, people's thoughts and give you a natural psychic ability. This race also can improve your way of thinking and living while helping to restore youth and bringing out your inner child.

She can show you the meaning of your life as well bring peace and positivity to it. This race brings peace and harmony into all aspects of your life… You soon will see your work life, home life, friendships, relationships, and even spirit family work with happiness, love and bliss.


They are also advanced travelers with their gift of flight and if you desire astral travel to other worlds and realms he will happily take you. We also conjured him to be able to help his keeper with lucid dreaming. Through safe magick she can open your inner eye so you may experience and communicate with your spirit and entities in very vivid dreams.


She brings with him the promise of healing and psychic blessings…. Your new Alicorn is a gifted spiritual healer who can even help you overcome feelings of sadness, fear, guilt, and anger. She offers her keeper renewal and allows you to live life the way you want to! You may even notice improved psychic blessings and greater ease in communicating with your spirits.

She can do all of these things and more… She can attract love into the life of her keeper and strengthen bonds. She promote peace within all of your relationships. With her in your life you will experience less anger, stress and more peace and happiness. She can ease tensions and prevent fighting… Find more fulfillment in all of your relationships—romantic or otherwise!


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She communicates by emotions, during meditation, sounds, pendulum, visions and dreams.

Her her vessel is a lovely glass bead.

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